Nintendo Partners With Universal Studios for Theme Park Attractions

nintendo land 05-07-15-1

Universal Studios have announced a new partnership with Nintendo to bring your favorite Nintendo games and franchises to life in brand new, cutting-edge theme parks.  While no other details were announced, this is an extremely exciting chapter for Nintendo and Universal. This is the very first time in its long history that Nintendo has contributed to creation of its world in the theme park medium.

The announcement comes hot off the unveiling of the brand-new King Kong ride, releasing in 2016 and based on the big-budget blockbuster film by Peter Jackson. Universal and Nintendo are collaborating on specific ideas, concepts, and criteria while exploring the entire universe of Nintendo. Specific attractions, as well as their dimensions, concepts, and types will be announced at a later date. It is confirmed that these attractions are coming to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida-as well as Japan.

Universal Studios faces stiff competition as Disney is building a world themed to James Cameron’s Avatar saga in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme park, also located in Orlando, Florida. This also includes construction for Star Wars, Frozen and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So Niche Gamer Nation, what would YOU like to see at a Nintendo theme park? Leave it in the comment.

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