GameStop to Offer Trading in/Buying of NES, SEGA Dreamcast, Games and Consoles, More

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GameStop has been accepting trade-ins for the Playstation 2 for a little while now, but now the company has opened up the floodgates for .. practically every console generation in the history of the industry.

We’ve learned (via IGN) that GameStop is starting a pilot program to offer classic game consoles, accessories, and even games, beginning on April 25th. The cities of New York City and Birmingham, Alabama (both equaling roughly 250 stores) will be now taking in consoles back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which first launched in 1985.

A GameStop spokesperson told IGN that while the pilot is only in two cities, it could spread nationwide “later this year,” but only if there’s enough interest in the pilot markets. In total, customers will also be able to trade in the Super NES, SEGA Genesis, the original PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and even the SEGA Dreamcast.

All of the older consoles and games that are traded into GameStop will be sent to their Refurbishment Operations Center, in Texas. From there, the games and consoles will be inspected, tested, and repaired when necessary.

While the trade-in pilot for these older consoles and games will start on the 25th of this month, GameStop made sure to point out it will take roughly two months before they have enough inventory to stock their stores. The coolest part? Once they’ve accumulated enough inventory, you can buy these games and consoles from their online store.

Finally, pricing was not mentioned, however any older console sold through GameStop will come with a standard GameStop warranty.

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