Harlock: Space Pirate has Finally, Officially, Launched in the West

It’s been a long time coming – but Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the 2013 CG adaptation of the iconic and classic manga/anime series, has gotten a legitimate retail and digital HD release in the west, following the movie’s streaming availability on Netflix.

The DVD and digital HD release came and went at the end of last month, and you can now enjoy the gorgeous officially-licensed release of the CG film. The movie is touted as something exemplary, with even James Cameron praising it as “mythic, epic and visually unprecedented,” with a story that will take you to “a whole new universe of ideas.” The movie is reportedly one of the most expensive productions Toei Animation has ever handled, costing nearly $30 million.

Leiji Matsumoto created the original Harlock Saga as an adaptation of the Wagner opera Das Rheingold, telling the story of the infamous space pirate, Captain Harlock. Harlock is revered around the world as a stoic character, but also one of romantic idealism. The New CG adaptation naturally makes a few changes from the original, but it largely stays true to the original anime.

The new officially licensed western release comes with the original Japanese audio, as well as an English dub. You can find Harlock: Space Pirate on Amazon for DVD or Digital HD. The DVD will set you back $20.00, while the digital HD can be rented at $4.99, or bought at $14.99. Oh, and you can also get digital SD, but who would ever want to do that?

Brandon Orselli


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