Falcom Details Tokyo Xanadu’s Heroes’ Battle Abilities with New Screenshots

Although Tokyo Xanadu‘s battle mechanics have been explained previously, Falcom have now detailed how they express themselves with each character, accompanied by new artwork and screenshots for the game.

The “urban myth action RPG” is due for the PS Vita in Japan later this year.

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Soul Devices

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We finally get to see what Sora’s Soul Device (far right) looks like (Kou’s and Asuka’s were among the first images to be released). Soul Devices are weapons that “The Qualified” can manifest, which are used to battle the alien intruders, Greed. Each soul device has a form specific to the individual.

Standard attacks

Standard attacks consist of melee combat. Players can chain these attacks together if they time their button presses accurately enough.

  • Kou’s Soul Device is a sword whip, which consists of a segmented blade attached to a flexible base. Using it requires Kou to swing it in wide arcs, which means he has a broad range of attack.
  • Asuka’s Soul Device is a thin, one-handed sword. Asuka’s sword has less range than Kou’s, but more power and speed, which means there’s less opportunity for enemies to strike back.
  • Sora’s Soul Device is essentially a gauntlet. Her attack range is the shortest of the three, but she is also the fastest combatant. She is the only character to use kicks in her repertoire.

Apart from standard attacks, each character can also use special Shooting, Aerial, and Power Skills, each of which consume a set amount of points from the SP Gauge. The Gauge recharges automatically over time.

Shooting Skills

These are long-distance attacks.

  • Kou: Stinger—Kou’s Soul Device snaps into its full length and shoots energy from its tip.
  • Asuka: Splash Arrow—Asuka generates arrows of energy from thin air, which she then shoots at Greed. Two Splash Arrows can be created at a time.
  • Sora: Hayate-ken—Sora shoots energy from her fists. If used repeatedly, she alternates the hand from which she shoots.

Aerial Skills

Aerial Skills are dash attacks that are executed mid-air, used to exploit an opportunity for attack or attacking flying Greed. Well executed Aerial Skills will land multiple hits against a Greed. The speed of the action also makes them ideal evasive maneuvers.

  • Kou: Anchor Slide—Kou’s Soul Device retracts into him, and the recoil propels him forward.
  • Asuka: Blizzard Pierce—A chilling aura emanates from Asuka, and she flies straight at an enemy. Any enemies that touch the aura during her attack are dealt damage, too.
  • Sora: Tenshou Ashi—Sora leaps forward and executes a swift kick.

Power Skills

Power Skills do extra damage. Although powerful enough to eliminate the average Greed with one hit, they require a significant charge-up, which leaves the PCs open to attack.

  • Kou: Rounded Edge—Kou lashes at the area around him with his sword whip, hitting any and all enemies in its range. His Power Skill has greater reach than Asuka and Sora’s, and can target enemies behind him, also.
  • Asuka: Crystal Sword—Asuka executes a downward attack with her sword, dealing great damage to enemies in front of her. The sword leaves crystals in its wake, which are capable of dealing extra damage.
  • Sora: Roaring Lightning—Sora’s Power Skill does the most damage of the three. She gathers power in her right fist, and unleashes it before her with a thunderous boom.

tokyo xanadu 2015-04-03

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    April 3, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Looks like it’ll be fun. I’ve enjoyed all of Falcom’s games that I’ve played so far, so I’m looking forward to this.