Chaos;Child Playstation Versions and Anime are Confirmed

chaos;child 03-28-15-1

5pb. and Mages have just been full of announcements today. [Editor’s hint: “Tutturuu!”]

Now, following the retailer leak that revealed Chaos;Child would be coming to Playstation consoles, we have official confirmation (via Games Talk) that the Playstation versions are, in fact, real.

The Playstation ports will launch in Japan on June 25th, and a Japanese demo will be available next Thursday, March 31st. A limited edition for the game is planned, which will include a drama CD and a papercraft “Present Box”. The visual novel is a 1:1 port, but it has a new theme song.

5pb. boss Chiyomaru Shikura commented on the leak, saying that the promotional jackets for the Playstation versions weren’t supposed to hit retailers at that time.

A new anime for Chaos;Child is planned, too.

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