Some Tidbits About Tokyo Xanadu’s Combat System

tokyo xanadu 2015-02-28

A few new details about Tokyo Xanadu‘s combat system have been provided by Dengeki (via Hokanko).

Combat in the dungeon-crawler consists of normal attacks and special skills.

Normal attacks (circle) can be chained. Kou’s normal attack has a long reach, thanks to his sword whip; Asuka has a balance between power and speed; and Sora doesn’t have much reach but is quick with her attacks. Chaining enough normal attacks together will result in an X Strike, an enhancement ability unique to each character. If players string enough X Strikes together, they will be able to use an ultimate ability—no details on that yet.

The three special skills include Shooting, Aerial, and Strength. Shooting Skills (tap square) are lacking in power, but make up for it in speed; Aerial Skills (jump and square) perform a dash attack at the enemy; and Strength Skills (hold square) are powerful but slow.

You can find out about Tokyo Xanadu‘s lore in our previous article.

Tokyo Xanadu will be out later this year in Japan. No Western localization has been announced yet.

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