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More Details and Videos for RPG and Idol Simulator, Omega Quintet

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Compile Heart’s Omega Quintet, the upcoming “JRPG and idol simulation game” has been detailed over on the Playstation Blog.

In Omega Quintet, a girl group with the power to turn their microphones into weapons, and their manager, Takt, must save the world from a gang of “giant mutant rats and robots” known as Blare.

The pop stars consist of Otoha, Takt’s “childhood friend, who makes up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm; Kyouka, the wise and responsible one; Kanadeko, who’s driven by impulse; Nene, the shy one with a fierce side in battle; and Aria, who is a vortex of mystery and confusion.”

Combat is turn-based, with characters’ initiative changing depending on how powerful the attacks and abilities that they use are. (Presumably, a character with a more powerful turn will execute their actions later in the round.) Each character can perform multiple attacks and skills in a row during their turn. Players can also activate “Harmonics” by getting their idols to have consecutive turns; these Harmonics allow players to string multiple skills and attacks between idols, which can “even unlock a Harmonic Chain”—attacks that are more powerful than individual attacks.

Takt serves a supporting role, pairing up with one of the girls to provide follow-up attacks, defending the Maidens, and delaying enemies’ turns.

Each girl is proficient in a particular weapon; however, players can build their proficiency with any weapon, simply by equipping it and having the idol use it. Similarly to Senran Kagura, clothes also break in this game: the girls can experience a Costume Break, which will tear the idols’ clothes and drastically lower their defenses.

The game also has a PVS Mode, in which players choreograph the Verse Maidens’ idol performances by choosing the performers and which parts they’ll sing, their outfits, the camera angles, and, of course, their choreographies (which can be built from over 100 moves). Players will be able to save performances, and upload them online via Playstation Share.

Omega Quintet will be coming to the Playstation 4 in North America on April 28. (Shopto was wrong.) Have a look at our archives for more Omega Quintet news, and check out the new videos for the game below.

Teaser Trailer

Battle Trailer

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