Magicka 2 is Launching on PC and Playstation 4 on May 26th

Paradox has finally confirmed the release date for Magicka 2 on both PC and Playstation 4.

The co-op action adventure is launching on both platforms on May 26th, for $14.99. Featured above, a new trailer was also revealed to celebrate the announcement of the game’s release date. In Magicka 2, you play as a wizard journeying to stop evil from spreading and corrupting the world of Midgård. You can accomplish this alone, or with up to four friends, making it easy to have people jump in and out of a playthrough.

With the game taking place after the Wizard Wars, the only wizards left seem to be pretty much out of their minds. The spell casting system fans experienced in the first game is back in the sequel, which adds more to the game’s humor with its misfires and overblown castings. You can mix and match up to five elements in a single spell, enabling you to potentially make thousands of spells.

For now, you can pre-order Magicka 2 for PC over on Paradox’s website. The Playstation 4 pre-orders are coming soon.

Brandon Orselli


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