Servo is a Rewarding, Mecha-Filled RTS by Former Ensemble Studios Devs

Former Ensemble Studios developers BonusXP have finally revealed their bold new RTS game, titled Servo.

Featured above, you can view the game’s debut trailer, which features BonusXP president Dave Pottinger and senior designer Erin Jennings talking up the key points of the game. The core feature of Servo are the eponymous Servos themselves, the large mecha that are entirely customizable with parts you collect via playing fast yet rewarding matches.

The story within Servo is set in the far future where Earth has been essentially mined of resources and habitability, forcing humans to survive in space. Eventually, humans return to Old Earth and try to solve the mystery of what went wrong, and hopefully survive the onslaught of the Bloomspawn (the primary antagonist in the game’s story).

The game is definitely a “traditional” RTS at its core, meaning you’ll be having to maintain resource gathering, tech upgrades, and conquest of the map.

Battles are described as being as short as 15 minutes, and yet they feel satisfying as you’ll be quickly gathering new parts and upgrades for your Servos. There are several different modes in the game, including co-op, a single player campaign with 25 missions that are focused on retaking and exploring Old Earth, and a player-vs-player mode.

As you progress and win matches in Servo, you’ll get new upgrades for your army like Void Beams, Hydra Launchers, Nemodium Blades, and more. There are more than a dozen slots in each Servo, meaning you can meticulously build each Servo to your liking. Maintaining and upgrading each Servo will be crucial to you surviving both in single player, and in multiplayer.

Servo is currently available to pre-order on the game’s official website, for $19.99.

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