Meet Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s Cast: Deuce, Seven, and Jack of Class Zero

As predicted, Square Enix have released another set of character trailers for a second Final Fantasy Type-0 HD threesome, Deuce, Jack, and Seven, whose videos you can watch below. Sice, Eight, and King’s trailers were the first to be uploaded last week.

You can also watch the final Japanese trailer (with English subtitles) for the game here, and there’s a six-minute preview video here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD reaches the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in North America and Europe on March 17 and March 20, respectively. Episode Duscae, a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV (which was demoed today), will be available with purchases of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.


Deuce represents the number 2 in Class Zero. She’s a gentle, diligent, and serious team member, kind-hearted and good-natured, but also somewhat stubborn. Deuce plays the flute.


Jack represents the number 11 on the team, and is the class clown. He has a positive disposition regardless of the situation he finds himself in, but can also be described as immature. His weapon of choice is the Katana.


Seven represents (of course) the number seven in Class Zero. She is popular with her female classmates. People see her as caring, but she is also somewhat aloof. Seven is quick to fight, and wields a whip.

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