Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is Finally Coming West in Early March [UPDATE]

oreshika tainted bloodlines 2015-02-20

[UPDATE: we’ve added more screenshots and artwork from the game. Check ’em out.]

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the release date for Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines in both North America and Europe.

The SCE Japan Studio developed RPG will arrive on March 3rd in North America and on March 4th in Europe. While the game was originally supposed to get a retail/physical release in NA, it seems both Americans and Europeans are doomed to a digital-only fate. The game will cost $19.99 / €19.99, respectively.

Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Yulie Yoshimura says of Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines on the Playstation Blog:

The Curse of Ephemerality means that your clan members age rapidly with a maximum lifespan of around 2 years. As you explore labyrinths, defeat demons, and find treasures, the clock of in-game time is always ticking so it’s important to plan your moves strategically. In Oreshika, no matter how skilled you are in battle or how strong your equipment is, your characters will face death and so it’s your job to make sure your clan’s family tree grows new members to step up to the ranks.

If you purchase the game within the first two weeks of its availability, you’ll get the bonus god characters Kiri no Mashu and Tonkararin. Players can expect to play through an ancient Japan-based story, where you encounter watercolor-like monsters and people alike. You’ll be in control of a clan whose bloodline is tainted with the curses of Ephemerality (short life spans) and Broken Lineage.

But therein lies the catch as the Curse of Broken Lineage means that your clan members can no longer procreate… Luckily you can turn to the gods for help. By performing the Rite of Divine Union with a god, a new clan member will be created,” Yoshimura continued. “It’s important to choose carefully which gods you perform the Rite with as the genetic makeup will be a combination of the ‘parent’ clan member and the chosen god which affects stats as well as appearance. And with well over 100 gods to meet in game, there are a lot of deities to discover!

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