Hyrule Warriors is Setting Up Some Ganon-based DLC

Hyrule Warriors 2-12-2015 - 2

Hyrule Warriors is getting set to launch its next round of DLC, featuring a bunch of giant beasts and one Ganon.

This DLC pack will bring a new boss challenge that will have players facing down massive dangerous beasts. The DLC will feature new costumes for Link, Zelda and Lana as rewards for taking down the creatures.

Also included is “Ganon Play” Mode, which will let you play as Ganon, the hulking boar-like villain. During the Ganon Mode, players will be able to grab new costumes for Ganondorf (Not Ganon) and Cia.

This DLC is set to be available on the Nintendo eShop on February 26th, for ¥500 or about $4.20. A western date hasn’t been announced yet.

Hyrule Warriors 2-12-2015 - 1

Hyrule Warriors 2-12-2015 - 3

Hyrule Warriors 2-12-2015 - 5

In addition to the DLC, update 1.6.0 is on the way, which will feature a higher max level, new medals, new mixture potions, an expanded challenge mode, some new score recording functions, a couple new bonus challenges, and it is even supposed to reduce load times by removing some bugs.

Unfortunately, 1.6.0 doesn’t have a release date.

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