Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s “Final” Japanese Trailer with English Subs, Some FFXV

[Editor’s note: this is the same trailer that streamed at the beginning of February, but now it has English captions.]

As its mid-March release in the western world inches closer, Square has ramped up the flow of media surrounding Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, this time revealing a subtitled trailer.

Focusing on war and the bloodshed that conflict creates, the trailer paints a fairly depressing picture of the upcoming RPG. Returning to its roots, Type-0 hearkens back to the simpler days of the Final Fantasy series where wicked empires waged war over crystals and ransacked poorly defended magic academies. Those who played Final Fantasy IV will obviously see the similarity between the opening of that game and Type-0.

At the end of the trailer is another short spot devoted to Final Fantasy XV, which is fitting since a demo of the title is being packaged with the game at launch.

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Carl Batchelor


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