Microsoft is Replacing Internet Explorer with the Spartan Browser

spartan 01-21-15-1

Internet Explorer has long been the butt of many jokes among Windows users—and computer users in general, for that matter. Now, Microsoft is completely ditching the Internet Explorer brand for their new Spartan (tentatively titled) browser.

The new browser was revealed during their Windows 10 keynote earlier today, as a big part of their upcoming new OS. The new browser isn’t simply for web-browsing, however, as it also supports a new rendering engine.

The key thing here is that you’ll be able to add notes right onto a webpage with a new clipping tool that is synchronized to OneNote. From here, you can share your notes on webpages with other Windows 10 users. In case you’re unable to get internet access, there’s also an integrated reading list that you can save content on, for offline viewing.

Microsoft is bringing Cortana to the Spartan browser as well (alongside her full Windows 10 integration), providing the ability to search for information for you, and grab content relevant to the page(s) you’re on. Microsoft has teased other features in the browser that are unavailable in competing browsers; however, they did not reveal any more today.

This is certainly an interesting bit of news, as I’ve always avoided the Internet Explorer browser, although sometimes I find myself asking how, or why it ever got that bad of a reputation. Would you guys consider using the Spartan browser, provided that it’s fast, reliable, and secure?

Brandon Orselli


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