This Selvaria Bles Figurine is a Bit More Top-Heavy than Usual

valkyria chronicles 01-11-15-4

Selvaria Bles of Valkyria Chronicles fame is known for being a very proud and deadly warrior – but she’s also known for being quite beautiful as well.

While the main series features tactical strategy RPG elements, a browser/mobile card game dubbed Valkyria Chronicles DUEL was released back in 2012. Aside from the switch to card-based gameplay, the artwork for the various women in the game seemed to be quite different in comparison to their console counterparts, just take a look at the above artwork.

It seems like that artwork, done by Honjou Raita (who also did the original artwork in the game), was the basis for a new figurine that Vertex has been ramping up for production. You can view a comparison shot of the unpainted and the (finished) painted model, below:

The 1/6th scale figurine stands at 25cm tall, although a price point or release date were not confirmed. It’s worth noting the very same artwork was also used in promotional material for Sega’s crossover 2D brawler, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

[Editor’s Note: The article was originally worded as if Honjou Raita only handled the Valkyria Chronicles DUEL artwork, while he actually did original character designs for the main series.]

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