Gravity Rush 2 is Being Developed for Playstation Vita [UPDATE]

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[UPDATE: We originally reported on the game being developed for PS Vita. This has since been proven to be a mistaken response as the sequel’s platform is unconfirmed, and we have provided an updated post here.]

Previously, we reported on Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama teasing further news regarding the upcoming (featured above) Gravity Rush project.

Up until now, we still haven’t known whether or not this is a sequel or an entirely new game, or as some PS Vita fans have feared – a Playstation 4 port of the original game.

Now, some news for the upcoming project has come from a very unlikely source – Ask Playstation. A fan posed the question:

“Hello Mr. Yoshida. I have a questions. You know something about Gravity Daze 2? Console? Release Date? Something? Thanks. @yosp #psvita”

To which Ask Playstation shocked/pleased many fans with a pretty blunt response, including myself:

“@AdherleyCruzO Yes, it is designed for the PS Vita.”

So there you have it, the game is definitely being designed for Playstation Vita – although we still don’t know whether or not this is a full fledged sequel. However, it’s worth noting that Mr. Ortiz did ask if Gravity Daze 2 is coming to PS Vita.

So what do you guys think? Wonderful news?

Image Source: ElderWraith

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