Get an In-Depth Look at the Locations, Monsters, and More in Dragon Quest Heroes

We’ve gotten a thorough look at the locations, character abilities, summons, and more for Dragon Quest Heroes via an online preview over on Gamer.ne.jp.

Find all of the information below:


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Cortruda – A city that is surrounded by a massive outer wall, giving the city itself the moniker of the “fortress city.” Cortruda is the home of lots of up and coming institutions, most notably the Magic Research Laboratory.

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Elsarse Castle – This is the opening stage of the entire game. Also known as the “Castle of the World Tree,” this city was one a place of both peace and harmony, until one day something happening on the border changed everything.

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Labator – A city that is entirely surrounded by deserts. Located in the center of the city is a famous gladiator arena, and the buildings tend to be noticeable throughout the city streets. Rumors of the city being infested by monsters have been spreading.

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Shira – A region known for its gorgeous foliage and scenery. It is known that the Elves live here, but they’re unfortunately very secretive and rarely seen by outsiders.

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Monster Coins

When you defeat monsters in games, sometimes they drop coins for you to collect. As you grab the various coins, you’ll be able to summon the very monster that dropped it, providing you with an ally to join you in battle.

Naturally, if you collect lots of Monster Coins, you’ll have a greater advantage as you progress in the game.

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The Magic Cannon

Various stages will give you the ability to utilize the Magic Cannon, a giant mechanical device that lets you wipe out entire groups of enemies at the same time.

This is clearly a great way to get the advantage over groups, as well as large foes like the Gigantes beasts.


Akuto and Mehr are the protagonists of Dragon Quest Heroes. They are reminiscent of their roles in the main series in regards to their appearance and special moves, however, Akuto is fire-focused while Mehr is ice-focused. Special moves are used via either button input, or MP.

There are different button combinations for different skills, and there’s also the option to make the entire system a bit more simple for newer players. Skills that use MP tend to be more powerful than button-command ones, and you’ll see your MP gauge refill over time as you battle.

Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to both PS4 and PS3 in Japan on February 24th.

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