Square Enix has Revealed SaGa 2015 for PS Vita and Imperial SaGa for PC [UPDATE]

After what seems like an inordinately long time of teasing, Square Enix has confirmed not one but two brand new SaGa games.

The games were confirmed during this morning’s 25th anniversary SaGa live stream.


Above, we get a look at the artwork for SaGa 2015, a Playstation Vita title that is still in production. (Click to enlarge.) Series illustrator Tomomi Koboyashi is doing the illustrations for SaGa 2015.

Below is the artwork for Imperial SaGa, a single-player PC browser game that will feature the world settings of the previous games in the SaGa franchise. Imperial Saga will feature a totally new story, and more artwork by Kobayashi.

imperial saga 12-14-14-1

Finally, Square Enix confirmed that Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, a PlayStation 2 remake of the original Romancing SaGa, is coming to the Japanese PlayStation Store as a PS2 Classic.

Tomorrow, December 15th, is the date that the SaGa franchise officially turns 25 years old.

[Editor’s note: a clarification was added that Imperial SaGa is a single-player RPG. The first image in the article was replaced with a clearer one provided directly by Square Enix.]

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