Get the First Live Gameplay for Street Fighter V, Charlie Nash is Teased


[Editor’s note: this article previously stated the grand prize for the Capcom Cup is now $500,000. This is not the case.]

As promised, Capcom has given us a first look at the playable build of the newly revealed Street Fighter V.

Featured above, you can view the live gameplay straight from the annual Capcom Cup Finals. Capcom series producer Yoshinori Ono was on stage dressed as Charlie Nash (more on that later) and he teased that the PS4 and PC fighting game will have “lots of secrets”. He teased that more information regarding the game’s various systems would come later. Did you catch the bit where Chun-Li gets knocked into a bowl of noodles? Priceless.

Street Fighter V got a lot of flack when it was confirmed as a Playstation 4 console-exclusive, and many fans were curious if anything noticeable would come from the partnership. Ono revealed one such perk to the company partnering with Sony: $500,000 is now up for grabs throughout the 2015 season of the Capcom Pro Tour.

“Last week when I was on stage at PlayStation Experience, we promised that the partnership between Capcom and Sony would lead to great things in the fighting game community. Well, I’m very happy to announce one of the benefits from that partnership here today. We’re excited to confirm that there will be Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup again next year and the total prize cup has been increased to half a million dollars.”

We also have an extended look at the original gameplay trailer below, with a curious tease at the end for the long-forgotten friend of Guile, Charlie Nash. Perhaps he’ll be the first character reveal outside Ryu and Chun-Li?

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