Are Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Coming to PS4?

final fantasy x x-2 hd leak

So … someone over at NeoGAF came across a page for the remastered Final Fantasy X and X-2 on Square Enix’s French e-Store, the Square Enix Boutique. This is nothing to write about, of course—except that the listing was apparently for the PlayStation 4 version of the games.

The page, which claimed that the games would have a Spring, 2015, release, has since been removed.

I would have been tempted to write this off as not worth mentioning, if not for the fact that the cover art for the games, featured below, had the PS4 logo featured.

Square Enix have since replied to queries about the development. “We are looking into this matter and have no comment at this time,” a representative said.

So is it probable? It’s probable. Final Fantasy X and X2 HD will likely be available for the PS4 soon.

One caveat: the Google cache of the page, which Gematsu linked to, mysteriously no longer exists. All we have to go by are these screenshots now. But we’re taking it on good faith, since Gematsu has already reported on it.

final fantasy x x-2 hd cover

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