This Samus Amiibo Mistakenly Came with Double the Firepower

amiibo 11-23-14-1

Redditor Adam “Adamantium126” Truesdale ordered a Samus Amiibo from Best Buy, however when he received the figure, he was in for a surprise.

Featured above, the Samus Aran figurine came with not just one arm cannon, but two—a curious mistake that led to much hilarity once the owner realized she was breaking the Metroid canon.

amiibo 11-23-14-2

According to an interview with Gamespot, he actually never realized she had two arm cannons, until a friend of his pointed out the pretty blatant production mistake.

Thankfully, he managed to get a “regular” Samus later, although he’s definitely keeping the twin-arm-cannon Samus for a rainy day, to poach on eBay for hopefully a nice price.

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