Get a Look at Twili Midna and Postmaster Link in the Upcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC

hyrule warriors 11-21-14-2 hyrule warriors 11-21-14-1

We’ve gotten a look at Hyrule Warriors upcoming Twilight Princess downloadable content via a new online preview over on Famitsu.

Featured above, you can view the Twili Midna playable character. There’s also two new costumes coming for both Link and Zelda, the former making Link into a Postmaster, while the latter makes Zelda to appear like the Ilia:

hyrule warriors 11-21-14-3 hyrule warriors 11-21-14-4

A new weapon called the Dominion Rod is also shown off:

hyrule warriors 11-21-14-6 hyrule warriors 11-21-14-5

The game is also coming with a new adventure map for players to explore:

hyrule warriors 11-21-14-7

The Twilight Princess Pack downloadable content is coming to Hyrule Warriors on November 27th.

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