Drop Everything! Majora’s Mask Confirmed for 3DS

During the Nintendo Direct this afternoon, Nintendo announced that the 3DS port of Majora’s Mask will finally be happening. You can check out the announcement trailer here.

There hasn’t been an actual date but the trailer says Spring 2015. I know I, personally, am over the moon with this news, as Majora’s Mask is my favorite installment in the Zelda series. It’s one of the few Zelda games that really had my attention from start to finish—the story and setting were so much darker than the others, which really drew me in as a kid.

Alongside the announcement for the game, was the announcement of a special edition of the 3DS release for Europe.

The special edition will include a Steelbook Case, a Majora’s Mask Pin, and a double sided poster. The video showcasing this is just above.

What does the Niche Gamer Nation think of this announcement?

Chris Gregoria


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