Expand Your Mind and Your Senses in the Now-Available Cosmic DJ


Cosmic DJ is quite an interesting take on the music/rhythm genre of gaming, and it’s now available.

The game is basically a music creation/rhythm game in which you can both play premade tracks and create entirely new tracks in game. You can complete quests, too, such as reuniting long lost lovers or helping to reattach a corgi’s head to it’s body. Yeah, that is literally a scenario in the typically wild and unexpected stuff you can experience in the game—just watch the above trailer for a few examples.

Even publisher Devolver Digital is joining in on the insanity and fun with their statement regarding the game:

For anyone who thinks we’re sellouts for making a music game, I just want to take this opportunity to let you know we’ve made glow sticks available as in-app purchases,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Hell, for the additional price of $99 I’ll even share a groovy personal playlist with you.

Cosmic DJ is available for PC and Mac via Steam, and for iPad.

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Brandon Orselli


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