CyberConnect2 is Teasing a “Shocking” Game Announcement By End of 2014

cyberconnect2 10-14-14-1

Back in September, we caught wind of talented Japanese studio CyberConnect2 developing a large, grand scale game for unannounced platforms.

Now some new tidbits for that game have come out (via Famitsu) which tease the nature of the game announcement itself. The news came from company president Hiroshi Matsuyama at this year’s Machi Asobi festival, held in Tokushima, Japan. Matsuyama said:

“It should come before the end of the year, that we can reveal a shocking game from our company.”

Notice anything interesting in the above image from the event? Matsuyama’s PR handler doesn’t look pleased, so perhaps this announcement was quietly pushed into next year?

Brandon Orselli


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