There’s a New Hellblade Dev Diary Showing Off Some World Creation

Truly, the creators over at Ninja Theory really love their fans. They’ve had a constant sense of openness since the announcement regarding Hellblade, showing us all kinds of stuff that they’ve been working on. Even going so far as posting all of the documents for Razer, a game that never got green-lit for development. The insider look into game development that they have offered is downright crazy, and delightfully unusual for a studio.

The newest Dev Diary for Hellblade shows off some of their world creation skills, and is going to make you want the game more if you’re already excited for it. And if you’re not, the art style and design may change your mind.  Even in it’s simplest form that they have working in the video, the map looks like it will develop into something breath-taking, and the art (especially that of the center piece) looks absolutely beautiful.

Well done, Ninja Theory. Keep up the good work!

Chris Gregoria


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