Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases “A Couple Games” From Old Classics to Return on Xbox

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It seems like we might have some classic games returning in the near future on Xbox, if a recent interview with The Inner Circle podcast and Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer is anything to go by.

Spencer was given a list of the following IPs: Halo Wars, Alan Wake, MechAssault, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Blinx the Time Sweeper, Fusion Frenzy, Banjo Kazooie, Kameo, High Heat Baseball,  Otogi, Knights of The Old Republic and finally, Shenmue.

When asked if any of those franchises would return on Xbox One, his response was a blatant tease:

“There are a couple games on that list that we’re doing some work on. I’ll just say that.

People should know that we listen to feedback, we have ideas, and there are franchises in the past we thing would be great to come again.”

Spencer elaborated by saying that unlike his predecessors, he wants to invest in Microsoft-owned franchises, and this is not from just a business standpoint but when looking at the long term, kind of like what Nintendo has established:

“The time of our best creative people is the most precious thing in our business, and I want them focused on the things that kinda build long term for us as Xbox owners.”

He closed out with talking about 2015, and how the flow of oncoming games is going to be “crazy,” and that Microsoft has greenlighted/signed off on projects leading into 2016 already. Could this mean we’ll see a new Conker game from the now Microsoft-owned Rare? Spencer did tease such a thing back in July.

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