Yokai Watch 2 is Getting a Third Version this Winter

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This month’s issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed a third version for Level-5’s Yokai Watch 2.

The Ganso and Honke versions have been available since this past July, but a third version dubbed “Shinuchi” has been confirmed. The subtitle translates to Headliner, and it will cost 4,968 yen.

Beginning on December 13th, Japanese fans will be able to nab the game, and it also comes with a Buchinyan medal. Jibakoma will make an appearance in the game, but only if you scan in a QR code with your 3DS. If you get the digital version, you’ll get a Masked Nyan in place of the medal collectible.

The new features coming withYokai Watch 2: Shinuchi include:

  • A new ghost in the form of Dark Nyan
  • The ability to befriend the five Kaima ghost leaders
  • Lots of new quests
  • Various new boss monsters via the Yokai Watch Busters mode

Lastly, if you already own Ganso or Honke, your save data will be transferable to Shinuchi.

Level-5 is localizing Yokai Watch, although we still don’t have confirmation whether or not westerners are getting the original game or the twin sequels.

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