Urbance is a Brilliant Mash Up of Jet Set Radio and The Warriors

Urbance has been described by the Canada-based Steambot as an electronic and hip-hop inspired animated show that will hopefully kick off an entire transmedia series.

The project has been taken to Kickstarter after a wildly successful trailer that basically went viral soon after it debuted and was shown off at various events like the 2013 Toronto Animation Arts Festival.

The short version of the story you can expect in Urbance is a gritty, yet passionate take on the best of what made Jet Set Radio and The Warriors both great stories – the characters. Press play just above to get a teaser at what is to come from Urbance.

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Urbance is set in a post-modern world in which violence is prevalent, mostly due to sex being prohibited after a deadly genetic virus has quickly begun to plague humanity.

Lots of attention has been given to the styling and the presentation of the individual characters and their respective gangs. The team isn’t dancing around the fact that Urbance is definitely not for kids – in fact they’ve been crafting the story and its world purely for an adult audience.

Coming from this, men and women have grown distant and have even begun to hate and fight each other. Enter two rebels who are disowned by their own rival gangs.

They quickly begin to fall for one another, despite the implications of their romance. As you can expect, lots of people already compare the story to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, while the creators Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sebastien Larroude are more inspired by Spike Lee.

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To be clear, the goal of $189,000 dollars is to fully fund a pilot episode for Urbance, so that the team at Steambot can hopefully convince a potential partner/investor to greenlight an entire series.

Steambot are based out of Canada, but they have a diverse team that is not only multi-national, but extremely passionate about this kind of story. They have plans set into place to also have video games based off of Urbance, as well as apparel, comics, and more.

You can also check out the pitch video featuring both Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sebastien Larroude:

If you want to check out Urbance and potentially throw some money their way, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

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