Kickstarter-funded MechRunner Shows off New Gameplay Trailer

Kickstarter-funded action game MechRunner showed off a brand new trailer earlier this morning, showing the amazing work-in-progress the game has made since it’s funding campaign earlier this year. At the beginning of this campaign, MechRunner looked primitive but promising as it touted an interesting take on mech combat action. The campaign was successful, initializing a deep involvement into the game to better refine it for PlayStation audiences.

The results can be seen above.  Voice acting, smoother visuals, deeper details, flowing water effects, in-game communications, and dynamic music from David Joseph Wesley are a direct result from the campaign. The trailer looks very promising for the game, which is slated for release on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

In an alternate future where World War II never happened, a Russian ultra-nationalist General stumbles across strange, alien materials deep within the crater of the Tunguska Blastof 1909. Over the years, this alien material is reverse-engineered, giving the Soviet military unparalleled capabilities into combat applications allowing for the creation of a massive robot army. The General goes rogue and goes on a region wide Blitz.

Escaping this blitz,  you take action in the XP-41, a highly advanced prototype.  MechRunner puts you in the pilot’s seat of a lethal, unstoppable war machine, where you maneuver through the streets, slice enemies ins ewers, and send volleys of rockets against your foes.

A release date is unspecified at this time but it is expected to arrive soon. Follow Spark Plug Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, as well as their main site here.

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