Intel Pulls Ads from Gamasutra in the Wake of #GamerGate

intel 10-1-14-1

As confirmed by an Intel email and a tweet from Gamasutra, Intel has dropped all advertising support from Gamasutra. While many small name companies have dropped support of other sites, Intel is no ordinary company. Intel chips power many of the computers that we use.

After getting multiple emails from #GamerGate supporters about the actions of Leigh Alexander and Gamasutra itself, Intel finally pulled advertising support. Gamasutra has been one of the sites hardest hit by #GamerGate; it has fallen far behind in website rankings and the loss of Intel is no small blow.

This further validates the “email advertisers” plan that #GamerGate supporters have formulated. Some within GamerGate have not supported this, most likely due to lack of major results, but if this result is anything to go by, more and more of #GamerGate should be advocating these tactics; emailing advertisers seems to be working.

After a week or so of silence and a gradual decline in #GamerGate tweets, this is exactly what #GamerGate needed. What does GamerGate need to do now? We need to email companies and show them that their bottom line is being hurt.

Did anyone really think Intel cared about Gamasutra? No, they care about us, their bottom line. Our voice is our most powerful weapon, so let’s use it.

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