Square Enix is Making a Lord of Vermilion MOBA

Square Enix has been generally doing well with their Lord of Vermilion series, yet us westerners haven’t really been seeing the games outside of Japan. Despite this, they’ve revealed a new MOBA game featuring the characters from the series, dubbed simply Lord of Vermilion Arena.

Featured above, you can view the debut trailer for the game, which showcases the game’s story and combat. Vermilion Arena enables brawls of 7 on 7 players. You can summon your own monsters, and you can also battle the fodder monsters that exist on the various maps in order to level up. You’ll assemble a deck with various monsters from the five different classes, including demons, beasts, and the undead. Your avatar in game is also customizable from the weapons down to your armor.

Lord of Vermilion Arena is set for a release sometime next year on PC. In the meantime, Square Enix is holding an early alpha test from October 17 to 19. The alpha will include 40 summonable monsters, while you can expect over 150 in the final game. In total, Square is looking to bring in around 2000 alpha testers, although you’ll need a Japanese Square Enix account, and the details for this can be foundĀ here.

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