Experience has Revealed Samurai of the Round for Xbox One

students of the round 09-26-14-1

Remember that Xbox One reveal for a brand new game from the Demon Gaze developer, Experience? Well now we’ve finally gotten some clarification on what their new game is, although it’s not much to go off of.

First off, the name of the game is simply known as Samurai of the Round, a spinoff from their Students of the Round series, only this time the game is entirely centered on the Nei (cat humanoid) race, an example of which you can view above.

With Samurai of the Round set within the same world as Students, you can expect a multitude of other races like Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Migumyi (sort of a proto-dwarf race), and of course – boring old humans.

While Students of the Round was a first person dungeon RPG, Experience didn’t show off any of Samurai of the Round during the Nico Nico broadcast, as the game is currently at 2 percent development. Lastly, Experience is reportedly still deciding on whether or not to develop the game into a full-fledged dungeon RPG, and not just a traditional RPG, or a strategy RPG.

Students of the Round was never released outside of Japan, so we’ll keep you guys posted regarding Samurai of the Round, and its potential localization.

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