Moon Hunters, a Gorgeous Co-op ARPG, is Confirmed for PS4 and Vita

Moon Hunters is a brilliant looking action RPG that is currently on Kickstarter, and despite the game already being funded, it was just confirmed to be coming to both Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

The game is currently in development by Montreal-based indie studio Kitfox Games, and it’s set to arrive sometime in late 2015. Despite the game’s crowdfunding campaign reaching around $165,000 dollars, the Sun Cultist character will be unlocked.

Moon Hunters is described as a one to four player cooperative “mythology building action RPG”, and it takes place within ancient Mesopotamia. The ultimate goal of your journey is to discover what has caused the Moon to seemingly disappear, and how this affects your society.

Kitfox Games creative director Tanya Short had a few words regarding the story over on the PlayStation Blog:

“Along the way, you journey through a world that’s different every time, and make decisions that show your personality. Your personality traits determine your reputation, but also how you’re remembered in legend after you’re gone. If you’re truly memorable, you might even become a symbol of heroism as a constellation in the night sky, visible in all future play-throughs.”

Moon Hunters is a randomly generated game, and despite this one single playthrough is reportedly going to only last you between one to three hours, pending your playstyle. However, you’ll naturally have to play it multiple times to unlock everything from the biomes, the classes, and the various tribes.

Finally, Wii U owners might get a chance at the game if their crowd funding campaign flies beyond $250,000 dollars, although their Kickstarter campaign ends in about 13 hours.

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