Zodiac is a New RPG Collaboration from Final Fantasy Veterans

So this was a very interesting reveal from this year’s Tokyo Game Show – Zodiac, a persistent online RPG by veteran Final Fantasy staffers, has been confirmed for Playstation Vita and iOS.

The game is being developed by French studio Kobojo, while it’s also being co-developed by Kazushige Nojima, the scenario writer from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, and even the unreleased XV, as well as Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer behind Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

The 2D RPG is set in an ancient fantasy world dominated by gods, while players are tasked with exploring and uncovering an old prophecy regarding the power of the 12 Zodiac Signs. The team at Kobojo studios are describing the experience as something like an amalgamation of Dragon’s Crown, Valkyrie Profile, and Final Fantasy. Think of it as a side-scrolling RPG that you can still play offline, but if you go online – you’ll get some fun things added in.

Don’t start thinking you’re getting another beat ’em up, however, as the combat in Zodiac is turn-based. However, Kobojo is promising that combat is still a fusion of western and Japanese styles, just like the rest of the game’s aesthetics. You can switch between the 12 Zodiac signs in battle, each sporting their own unique benefits and disadvantages.

While Zodiac has been in development for roughly a year, it’s coming out sometime in 2015. Kobojo is still weighing in on whether or not to charge a fee to play the game, but this mostly rests on whether or not Sony approves it as a free to play title.

Brandon Orselli


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