Microsoft to Announce Mojang Buyout on Monday for $2.5 Billion

minecraft 09-13-14-1

It’s been a very interesting week or so, if you’re an avid or even moderate fan of the sandbox game Minecraft. First came the report from the Wall Street Journal citing the developer, Mojang, being wholly purchased by Microsoft. Then we learned that Minecraft creator Markus Persson would likely part ways with the company, following the buyout.

Now, we have yet another piece that is pointing to the deal being real, and that it’s going to be confirmed very soon—this coming Monday, to be exact. In a report by Reuters, we’re being told that not only would the deal be confirmed on Monday, but the asking price of $2 billion has been upped to $2.5 billion—because why not?

As with both our previous reports, file this under “rumor” for now. We’ll keep you guys posted.

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Brandon Orselli


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