Yu, Jean, and Nikolai are Revealed for Bravely Second

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The latest Jump magazine has revealed three new characters for Square Enix’s upcoming sequel, Bravely Second.

Information for the new characters (featured above), can be found below:

  • Yu (The Protagonist) – Known as the “Falcon of the Gale.” Yu (the younger man with the short brunette hair) is the leader of the trio who are tasked with guarding the pope, Agnes.
  • Jean – Known as the “Wolf of Blazing Fire.” Jean is a master of the sword (the man with the long blue hair), and his many successful military campaigns led to him joining Agnes’ bodyguard.
  • Nikolai – Known as the “Bison of Solidity.” Nikolai (the man wearing the priest-like robes) is the healer of the group, and paramount to the group’s survival.

While there is some speculation that Yu may be the actual protagonist of Bravely Second, we haven’t gotten confirmation of this yet. So far, only Yu and Magnolia are the confirmed playable characters in game.

Bravely Second is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in sometime this winter.

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