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A New 3DS with a Second Analog Stick is Revealed

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Nintendo has confirmed that two analog sticks are better than one, at least as far as the 3DS hardware is concerned.

Featured above are the two new 3DS models that have been confirmed for Japan, and they’re going to be releasing very soon – on October 11th.

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Hilariously titled the “New Nintendo 3DS”, the models are coming in both standard and XL sizes. Clearly, the new feature is that little tiny analog stick on the top right-hand side of the unit, replicating what the atrocious Circle Pad Pro did for the original 3DS.

This is meant for games with a maneuverable camera, like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Dragon Quest X Online, Super Smash Bros., and Final Fantasy Explorers.

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There are new ZR and ZL buttons, as well as a 3D shake prevention function to improve visibility when 3D is enabled. The device is also coming with NFC functionality (for those Amiibo figurines), and is reportedly running faster than the now older units, making us think it has an improved processor.

Oh, and you can even switch out the cover plates, to make it your own 3DS, versus the standard form factor.

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The standard New Nintendo 3DS is coming in both white and black, and it sports a 3.88 inch top screen and a 3.33 inch screen bottom screen, and it will set you back 16,000 yen.

The New 3DS XL, however, is coming in metallic blue and metallic black, and it features a 4.88 inch top screen and 4.18 inch bottom screen, and it will set you back 18,800 yen.

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Lastly, Nintendo confirmed a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL, which comes with a copy of the game, and it will release on October 11th, for 25,600 yen. Later this year, a Super Smash Bros. themed bundle is going to be revealed as well.

So what do you guys think? Are two analog sticks better than one?

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