With This Magic Box, You can Enjoy a Hatsune Miku Concert Anywhere

We’ve learned via Famitsu that a new set of Hako Vision boxes have been revealed – and this time they feature the virtual singer and idol Hatsune Miku.

So what are Hako Vision boxes, for those who don’t follow all the wacky and cool gadgets to come out of Japan lately? Well, let’s find out together:

hatsune miku box 08-26-14-1

The actual box is simply a bunch of visual tricks that utilize your smart phone (no specific brand is mentioned, as the visuals come from a video program).

The rendering itself comes from the aforementioned video program, which feeds the video, face down, into the box. Previous Hako Boxes saw live “3D” renders of various mecha from the Gundam series.

hatsune miku box 08-26-14-3

There appears to be a few different boxes, each of which being able to display one of four songs in total.

There’s even two different bromide cards, as well as a pamphlet, that you can collect as well.

hatsune miku box 08-26-14-2

The Hatsune Miku Hako Vision boxes will be available on the 19th of September, and they cost a mere 1300 yen, or roughly $12 dollars.

Does anyone want to import one for Niche Gamer to fondle and stare at?

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