Here’s the First Look at Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 on Vita and 3DS

samurai warriors chronicles 3 08-06-14-2

It didn’t take long for the first online preview for Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 to go up, via Famitsu.

Featured above and below, the game’s first screenshots were revealed. Although no new information was revealed, we have the aforementioned screenshots to gawk at.

samurai warriors chronicles 3 08-06-14-1 samurai warriors chronicles 3 08-06-14-3

The upcoming sequel lets players experience “What If” scenarios in the Warring States era of Japan, meaning you can literally alter history by turning the fate of a battle that might have ended different, historically that is.

Chronicles 3 brings with it new actions and modes, and it even expands upon the Hyper Attacks and Rage Attacks, as well as enabling you to step into the boots of over 50 military commanders.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 is coming sometime later this year in Japan on Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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