Will Bloggers Replace So-Called Journalists? When RPG Site Doesn’t Fact Check

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So there’s a lot of gaming websites out there which are in fact owned by parent companies, meaning their full time writers get paid to supposedly cover the gaming industry, its news, and so on.

This is a story of how one NeoGAF member tested the waters to see if a few so-called journalists were so hungry for a hot new scoop that they would literally jump at anything, presumably without checking their facts or sources.

This was the beginning of it all:

nibel neogaf tweet 08-04-14-1

Which led to gaming website RPG Site to quickly report on it, while also crediting NeoGAF member Nibel:

system shock 3 08-04-14-2 system shock 3 08-04-14-1

For those who are reaching for their phones and or instant messengers to tell their friends – no, Ken Levine is not working on System Shock 3. The tweets are all deleted by the way, but they’ll exist forever here within the walls of Niche Gamer.

The hilarity ensues, as the thread on NeoGAF has become a wild discussion of what it truly means to be a “games journalist,” and whether the industry needs them anymore when anyone can start a blog, a Youtube channel, etc – and have a voice.

Thank you GAF, you gave me a really hearty laugh! Please never change!

I’m not trying to take pot shots at RPG Site, but I just found the entire thing hilarious. The writer/person responsible is presumably getting paid, which led him to chase after those clicks.

While I consider myself a lifelong fan of gaming, I don’t consider myself a journalist in the traditional sense. I’d love to know what you guys think about this, and what you think about our site, and our coverage? Sound off in the comments.

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