Is Polygon the New Kotaku? When Games Journalism Turns to Madness


If you’ve known me for a long time, or if you’ve followed my posts across various social spheres – you’ll probably figure out that I’m a lifelong fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Now you’ll understand why I’m pretty goddamn pissed off at Polygon taking pot shots in light of the game’s recently confirmed character art.

It gets even worse – they “reported” on a fan made film with a mash up of Sonic and Cammy (of Street Fighter), which leads to a tongue in cheek S&M scene, which finally leads to a bunch of hijinks between the two as they travel together. Despite my anger at them reporting on stupid nonsense, this has finally pushed me over the edge in terms of their repeated hijinks.

I’m sick and tired of Polygon and their bullshit. I’m done. I want to ask a simple question – has Polygon taken the crown as far as batshit crazy writing goes? They’re a self proclaimed website that “loves games almost as much as it loves you,” but I’d like to call them out on that completely nonexistent mantra, which is actually nowhere within the site or its content.

Members of the Niche Gamer Nation – hear me out. I created this website so that we could have a fun, engaging community that simply enjoys and loves video games. We may talk about troubling or worrisome topics here and there, but generally our only agenda is to further the gaming experiences that we enjoy and love so very much. We’re not here to argue over the issues that can divide us as a gaming community.

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That’s not the prerogative of a handful of the staff at Polygon, and Kotaku. I repeatedly see blatant screaming for attention, and it just disgusts me. Now I’m all for reporting on something to get the truth out there, but sometimes the line between professionalism and blatant agenda pushing is crossed.

I’m talking of course, about the recent debacle between NIS America and GaymerX. I’m not here to talk about the actions made by GaymerX and NIS America, I’m just here to make a simple request – why can’t we just talk about video games, and whether they’re good or bad? Why is it that video games have to “grow up,” and become socially conscious?

Why do we need to consistently try to chase after things most gamers simply don’t care (look at the comments) about? Why is it that so many wildly varying demographics (sex, race, sexual orientation) should get special treatment? Why can’t we all just be simply gamers, and just enjoy video games?

There have been just too many completely nonsense, bullshit articles that simply exist to incite rage amongst the true gamers, the ones who simply don’t give a flying fuck about their bullshit. How about writing about The Bachelorette as if it were a video game? If that doesn’t do it for you, why not the exciting news that a robot can beat you in connect four?

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Let me throw in a Kotaku piece too while I’m at it – what about writing as if denying a rape accusation is the same thing as raping someone? It’s simply hilarious that these clowns are getting paid real money to write up this garbage in a bid for those precious clicks. Under the mirage of a campaign for social justice lies their true intent – staying relevant and making that advertising cash.

That’s all it boils down to folks, inciting rage in people so they click your shitty headline, because rage is much easier to join in on, over shared joy towards something. These people have mastered the art of taking something and spinning it into rage fuel, and they’ve specifically learned how to channel it well in regards to gaming.

Just look at that Bachelorette thing, the first comments were various staff at Polygon all collectively saying things like “AW I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE RAGE,” or “AW MAN HERE COMES THE RAGE,” and so on. It’s hilarious how blatant it is, and how much people keep dealing with it for that tiny fraction actual good content that either site puts out, like Polygon’s whole spread on the games industry in Poland.

Here’s another one – how about their infamously stupid review for Dragon’s Crown? You know, the one where they continually complain about how the art is offensive because the women designs are exaggerated and highly sexualized? Sadly, their score had lots of points seemingly knocked off for her disgust at the exaggerated women, while she makes no mention of the equally as exaggerated men (humans, dwarves, etc).

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When it boils down to it, there are some so called gaming websites out there which I find simply don’t care about video games in all reality. They care about changing what video games are to match their own tastes and agenda, which is completely absurd and unfair to the community that has come up around them. It’s armchair crusading and it’s simply in play to hijack what video games are in an attempt to sterilize them.

A repeating discussion comes to mind – if video games are in fact art. You could say that the United States government considers them art since 2012, when legislation was put forth to make video games (and other more recent medium) eligible for funding. Despite this, many people consider them living, evolving, playable works of art that should be thought provoking, engaging, and sometimes even offensive.

If you’re tired of your particular tastes not being met, then perhaps there still aren’t enough unique gameplay experiences out there – which is something that I personally have been campaigning for. I sincerely think that we as gamers and dedicated fans should be asking for more unique gameplay experiences, instead of more inclusiveness.

It’s not only stupid to expect inclusiveness to predate newer gameplay, it’s a simply grab for attention at this point. We get it Polygon and Kotaku, you’re campaigning for everyone to feel welcome in the gaming industry, but while you’re doing so aren’t you also alienating people in the process? Why is there such a focus on pissing gamers off, instead of uniting them in community and friendship?

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I just don’t get it anymore – and yet I tread on and thank every one of you for supporting my website thusfar. Let’s continue to build this community together and create a refuge from the insanity that other websites continue to spew out.

As long as I have the ability to support this website, I guarantee you all that our goal here at Niche Gamer will never change – to love and talk about these games.

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