Hold Onto Your Butts, Captain Mal and Crew Return in Firefly Online

I’m a giant fan of the western meets sci-fi yet criminally underrated and mishandled show Firefly. The show was sadly cut short before it could see a full run, and the airing of its episodes were also mishandled at the time when it was on television.

Without going into spoilers here, it’d be pretty damned hard for Joss Whedon to return to the series (or anyone for that matter) and have much to work with, so a logical approach to the now beloved series would be to make a video game about it. Featured above, you can watch a gameplay teaser for the game, which poses the scenario: “If I Were a Captain”

The game was confirmed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and best of all – the entire original cast of the show are confirmed to reprise their roles in the game, although their involvement with the clearly player driven story isn’t clear.

Here are the game’s official features:

  • Assume the role of a ship captain – create a crew and customize a ship
  • Aim to misbehave in space and planet-side adventures
  • Cross-platform player experience across devices (pick-up and play from anywhere)
  • Unique social features connecting Firefly fans
  • Create a shiny ship and explore the Verse

You can customize your own avatar, your own ship, and get into all kinds of shenanigans and battles. While the combat looks like it’s going to be turn based, the game itself is an online RPG, set for mobile devices.

I know, you’re saying “ARGHGH!!! A MOBILE GAME?!?!” but who knows, at least this is something that looks to be an attempt to remain close to the original vision of the show.

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Brandon Orselli


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