The Ninth Character for Vindictus is Almost Too Good Looking

Vindictus, the Korean action RPG, has been around for quite a long time—several years, in fact. I played the game pre-release back at E3 of 2010, and I found it to be really enjoyable even in its (at the time) early form.

Nexon hasn’t slowed down the support for the game, and they’ve added a multitude of new content and characters. Featured above, a teaser went out for the latest (and ninth) character to arrive in the game; her name is Arisha.

Thanks to some entreprising fans, we’ve found out some information for her before the official release. First up, we have lots of gorgeous screenshots of her:

vindictus 07-21-14-6 vindictus 07-21-14-5 vindictus 07-21-14-4 vindictus 07-21-14-3 vindictus 07-21-14-2 vindictus 07-21-14-1

Her weapon of choice, the “longblade,” is also shown in the above screenshots. Some source code from a patch’s config file was also revealed that she uses something called a “Castlet,” which could very easily be called something else in-game.

The interesting thing about her using something called a Castlet would lead you to believe that she uses magic spells, while she has a pretty elaborate blade. We’ll have more info on Arisha as her release comes closer.

Brandon Orselli


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