Battle for Survival in Shattered Planet, a Challenging Sci-fi Roguelike

I got a tip about a very interesting roguelike game that was recently made available on Steam. I’m talking about Shattered Planet, of course, the sci-fi roguelike that was self published by Kitfox Games.

Featured above, you can witness the game in action. As the name suggests, you literally have to survive and navigate on a shattered planet, however the world is procedurally generated.

shattered planet 07-21-14-1

Aside from the bone-crunching difficulty, there are loads of goodies for you to hoard or utilize, namely over 200 items, pets to tame, alien monsters to befriend, and so on. In case you were wondering how much variety there can be in space – items range from swords to cookies, all the way to grenades.

There’s the core method of experiencing what this game has to offer in Explorer Mode, or you could undertake one of the regular challenges (one of the few non-random experiences in the game). You could even take on three crazily difficult scenarios.

shattered planet 07-21-14-2

Shattered Planet is currently available on Steam, for $14.99 dollars.

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