Make a Tough Choice in Gods Will Be Watching


I remember one fond lesson from Namco Bandai’s Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. “There is only one rule in war: SURVIVE.” There aren’t any easy choices to be made in the heat of combat. Death, destruction, terror, and despair surround any one person. Life, made so abundantly, is snuffed out in just a mere matter of moments at the hands of weapons crafted for such a manner.

An entire landscape expunged of peace in favor of doom.  War, society, civilization as we know it is bound by the instinctive need for violence. Even the famed anime, Gundam Wing so stated that “as long as humans exist, there will ALWAYS be battles.”

Welcome to Gods Will be Watching.

While we’ve written about the title previously, Spain-based indie-developer Deconstructeam is releasing Gods Will Be Watching next week, July 24th. The game is looking to be a formula-breaker on the point-and-click adventure genre.

Players star as Sgt. Burden set against the backdrop of an interstellar conflict and the potential genocide against humanity. The game presents six dark, tension filled scenarios. The ultimate rule is to survive.


For this game, it means many a bitter dilemma, where there is no easy choice. No morals. No right and no wrongs. Though, only you, the player, can make the calls. Do you save your team or sacrifice them for the greater good? Do you preserve the life of hostages or off the weakest one to show authority? How do you distribute foods? How do you approach a prickly situation?

All that is left are you and the mysterious Gods to judge your actions. Players will have to forgo values in order to focus on the completion of the mission, no matter the cost. When it’s all over, only a select few will be there. And as one can see, this game is told through the simple, yet beautifully striking effects of pixel art.


Gods will be Watching will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. Check out their main website here for more details. Devolver Digital is publishing the game and more information on pre-ordering can be found here. Follow the developer, Deconstructeam, on Facebook  and twitter.

Be prepared to make a choice one week from today.

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