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Outsmart Those Infographics in Metrico, Release Date Announced

Business, Business, Business……NUMBERS! Info-graphics, the charts and graphs that readily and accurately display sophisticated and complex information pertaining to any variety of subjects. They can be colorful, interesting, and may lead to either good or bad news depending on who you are, where you are, and what your business is.

For Roy van de Mortel and the rest of development studio, Digital Dreams, they have turned these fascinating visuals into a fascinating game. Why not turn these graphics and pieces of information into levels? Make them platforming challenges and use all sorts of dimensions to create compelling platforming? Enter the world of Metrico.

metrico 07-16-14-1

Confirmed today on PlayStation Blog, the highly anticipated info-graphic platformer will release on August 5th for the PlayStation Vita. The game has been under the radar for quite sometime, due to complications in publicity explaining the game mechanics, as posted by Roy in the blog post. Though, as you can see in the trailer above, the mechanics speak for themselves. The game is about free will. Metrico uses the interesting, fascinating geometric shapes and mathematical scales as exciting levels for platforming, exploration, and navigation.

Players can play as a male or female. Each action you take affects the info-graphics that appear before you, making each level and experience quite random. Underscoring this mesmerizing game is music from Palmbomen. The Dutch synthesizer music artist clearly has a most profound skill and talent for the synth, widely regarded as the sounds of the future. The visual style clearly have a variety of colors and tones. Coupled with the soundtrack, it is easy to be reminded of the intriguing visual world of movies like Tron.

The game is being developed by Digital Dreams and published by Gamefonds. Visit Digital Dreams main page here and follow their upcoming projects. You can also check out Metrico’s page here and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, check out Palmbomen on Soundcloud here.

On August 5th, watch your step and enjoy the adventure!

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