Discover the Fun Behind Co-op in Sacred 3’s New Trailer

It’s time to take the fight to Emperor Zane and the forces of evil this summer. But first, get hyped on this new trailer, which highlight’s Sacred 3’s co-op combat and humor.

Featured above, the trailer highlights the intense combat, cool abilities, vicious enemies, and simple humor that is to be expected in this next installment. The game harkens back to fast, vicious, old-fashioned hack & slash combat.

Sacred 3, the third installment on the classic Sacred series, puts you in the roles of several legendary heroes, destined to fight against the vicious empire in defense of a legendary artifact known as the Heart of Ancaria.

Sacred 3 is being published by Deep Silver, the home of Metro: Last Light and the Saint’s Row series. Check out the world of Sacred here on their main page and keep an eye on more updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Sacred 3 is launching on August 1st in Europe and on August, 5th in North America across PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Roberto Nieves


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