tri-Ace’s Judas Code is Like Valkyria Chronicles and Resonance of Fate had a Beautiful Baby

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Famitsu has revealed their online preview for the previously confirmed Judas Code, the new apocalyptic shooter RPG of sorts from veteran developers tri-Ace.

The game is described as a “triple A” free to play experience (despite that being somewhat of an oxy-moron), and that it will bring a “dramatic battlefield RPG” to the Playstation Vita. Gameplay breaks down into single player gun action, and card game battles via multiplayer, as previously mentioned.

The story within Judas Code takes place within World War III, where most of the world has been devastated by a mysterious calamity in the form of a pillar in space dubbed the “Longinus.” This forces the remnants of humanity to fight for supremacy, and players will be start off in Tokyo, completing missions and traveling through the world.

You can reap the rewards of battle by successfully completing missions, and you can use these in the gacha lottery to obtain cards which can be presumably used in your deck of cards.

Here are some more screenshots:

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There’s a breakdown of the various gameplay systems within the game:

  • Main Questing – This is the single player mode where you advance the story via core missions. You can battle via typical third person combat and intuitive controls.
  • Class Missions – These are naturally specific to each class, and each mission has its own specific goal, like “Reach X number of head shots.”
  • Card Synthesis – When you win in battle, you can upgrade your cards with rewards that you rake in. These cards can be further used in battle, empowering you to new avenues.

Next up, we get a look at the characters in the game:

Hero or Heroine (male voiced by Hiroki Maeda, female voiced by Mariko Higashiuchi)

judas code 07-16-14-6

The protagonist/hero(ine) is essentially a loner with no relatives. He/she fights in Japan’s Mercenary Corps, and is involved with a deadly accident that created the “Calamity Branch,” resulting in becoming a “Regenerator.” He/she has a strong sense of morality, but is typically silent to others.

The mysterious girl (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)

She’s shrouded in mystery, and doesn’t speak much either sadly. Apparently, she has no will of her own, but with the protagonist’s help, will learn to somehow survive.

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Judas Code is hitting the Playstation Vita in Japan sometime this summer.

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