This Mod Finally Gives Dwarf Fortress Real-Time 3D Graphics

Dwarf Fortress has long been known as that incredibly deep game, only to sport a very, very archaic visual style in the form of ASCII text graphics. Despite it’s ancient look, it was released in 2006, and has since carved out its own community of players and modders.

Featured above, you can get a look at Stonesense running alongside the core Dwarf Fortress game. Thanks to some enterprising modders and fans, a mod called Stonesense has finally given the game a 3D, isometric view to compliment the ASCII graphics.

Released in 2009, the mod is a culmination of lots of hard work, and actually runs in a separate window alongside the original game’s graphics. Stonesense is currently available as a part of DFHack, a compilation of mods and various utilities. Stonesense modder¬†Japa Illo told Wired¬†that a plugin called RenderMax allowed him and creator Caldfir to add in the rendering technology, giving Dwarf Fortress the 3D graphics.

The next title update for Dwarf Fortress is coming out this month.

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Brandon Orselli


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